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After CryoMAX delivered a state of the art cold therapy solution to acute pain and swelling to millions, there was a question we received every day from consumers… When will you provide the same convenient, wearable and long lasting therapy in HEAT? Consumers consistently requested a heat equivalent, so our team got to work.

Based on the same patented phase change technology in CryoMAX, ThermalMAX® was introduced to the market in 2016. ThermalMAX® was designed to deliver the longest lasting wearable, reusable heat therapy available (not requiring a plug in the wall – we live in a mobile world). Designers also added channels that ensure that the pack stays at a consistent level of heat throughout, avoiding cool areas or hot spots historically found in traditional heat packs.

ThermalMAX® has now been proven by leading 3rd party laboratories to stay at a peak therapeutic level of heat for over 2 Hours! Order your ThermalMAX® Heat Pack now or visit one of our fine retail partners!

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